Answers to the most frequently asked questions about getting into NCELP. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us.

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What do people say about NCELP?

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Want to learn more about NCELP and our resources?

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Want to get started using NCELP resources?

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What do people say about NCELP?

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Alice Harrison Head of Department, Reddish Vale High School

“We have been thrilled to have free access to such a well-planned and structured scheme of work. The resources are so well organised and easily adaptable for our classes. It has made a big difference to our workload”

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Lynne Kay Course Leader for PGCE Modern Languages, Newcastle University

“Just to also say a big thank you for all the excellent resources you have created on the NCELP Portal. Awesome!…What’s great is having the research, the underpinning principles and extensive resources all in one place”

Pippa Allenby Primary MFL Outreach Teacher for KS2, St Bede's Catholic College

“I think the KS3 SOW is inspirational! Thank you to everyone for all the resources and CPD information and videos. They are fantastic!” 

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Want to learn more about NCELP and our resources?

What is NCELP and what is it for?

What is the NCELP Resource Portal?

What can I find on the NCELP Resource Portal?

What is a Scheme of Work (SOW)?

Where can I find the Schemes of Work for each language and year group?

How do I find individual lessons / resources / specific sections of resources?

Are there any other resources that support the Schemes of Work?

What is the rationale that underpins our methods and teaching resources?

Does NCELP recommend teaching only the most frequent words?

What are the links between the 2016 MFL Pedagogy Review and the new GCSE Subject Content?

How do NCELP approaches meet the requirements of the Ofsted framework?

How do NCELP resources help pupils prepare for Key Stage 4 and GCSEs?

How are NCELP’s lessons structured? What do lessons contain?

Why does NCELP not teach by topics? If we want to find vocabulary or exercises related to a particular topic, how could we do this?

Can we dip in and out of using NCELP resources?

Can NCELP resources be used alongside a textbook?

How do I know how comprehensible the texts or listening passages in my current teaching are?

I find NCELP principles compelling but are there activities that I do in my teaching that are not now compatible with those principles?

What about using the target language? What is NCELP’s approach to this?

What about culture? Does it have a part in NCELP pedagogy?

What do lessons using NCELP resources look like in the classroom?

What assessments are there?

Where can I find examples / samples of assessment tasks?

What is the rationale for the assessment design?

My school insists we do assessments at the end of every term. What should I do?

What do current teachers and schools that use our resources think of our resources?

What is Gaming Grammar, where can I find it and what is available on the site?

What support does NCELP offer teachers and schools that use our resources?

How can we persuade our SLT to follow the NCELP resources?

Can we speak to a teacher / Head of Department / School who has taught with NCELP resources?

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Want to get started using NCELP resources?

How can we train our staff / colleagues to help them use NCELP resources? Is there a suggested programme to help with this process?

Are there any screencasts or how-to guides for individual elements (explaining the Schemes of Work, how to find materials)?

How do we use the PowerPoint presentations?

Do all resources need downloading? How can we do this and store them?

I’ve seen some great new activity types in the NCELP resources but can’t remember exactly where. How can I find them?

I see Quizlet is used for homework activities. How do we use Quizlet most effectively?

How and where can I find out about forthcoming training events and other events involving NCELP?

How and where can I find out about updates to the NCELP site and new / existing resources?

How can we inform parents about the NCELP Schemes of Work?