MultiLingProfiler, is a lexical profiling tool for French, German and Spanish, developed by NCELP in partnership with Prof. Laurence Anthony (Waseda University).
The tool profiles texts to show which of the words they contain belong to the 2,000 most frequent word families in the language. This means that for any given text (such as a transcript for a listening activity or a reading text), it is very quick and easy to find out how many of its words are within and outside the 2,000 most frequent words, and to gloss or replace words as necessary.
In addition, MultiLingProfiler profiles texts using bespoke word lists aligned with the NCELP schemes of work. Teachers following the schemes of work can use this feature to ascertain which words in a text have already been taught at any given point in the school year, and to create week-appropriate texts from scratch.
Additional features of the tool include: 
  • an online text editor in which you can adapt texts directly and immediately see the effect of your edits on the % of high frequency words contained in the text;
  • statistical information about lexical variation in texts (how many ‘different’ words and word families texts contain);
  • the option to add additional words you have taught to any list using the ‘Extend List’ function;
  • information about word forms deemed to belong to each word family.
NCELP will add profiling at the 5,000 word frequency level in the coming months. 
With further investment in the tool, it would be possible to adapt it so that it can check a text against word lists other than those currently embedded. For example, a word list for a GCSE examination board could in theory be added so that a text could be checked for its compatibility with words on that list and edited if necessary.

Watch our video – Introducing MultiLingProfiler

Image of MultiLingProfiler presentation

This video introduces MultiLingProfiler and covers:

  • What is vocabulary profiling and why is it useful?
  • How has MultiLingProfiler been developed?
  • What can MultiLingProfiler help you to do?
  • Plans for future development.