The National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy (NCELP) is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and co-managed by The University of York and The Cam Academy Trust.

We work in partnership with university researchers, teacher educators and expert practitioners, and with 18 Specialist Teachers in nine Leading Schools across the country acting as language hubs, to improve language curriculum design and pedagogy, leading to a higher take up and greater success at GCSE.

Our substantial package of support includes professional development tools, teaching resources, and workshops, and takes forward the recommendations made in the Teaching Schools Council’s Modern Foreign Languages Pedagogy Review led by headteacher and linguist Ian Bauckham, and ensures they are achievable and effective in schools.

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Background to the Centre

Read more about the Department for Education (DfE) Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Programme and background to the creation of MFL Hubs and a Centre of Excellence.

Background to the Centre