Language Driven Pedagogy

Building on the success of England’s first MFL Centre for Excellence, the National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy (NCELP), we continue the successful partnership between The University of York and The Cam Academy Trust to sustain our approach of strong partnership between academic research and teaching practice for translating educational research into effective classroom practice.

We provide a comprehensive programme of CPD showing how the recommendations from the MFL Pedagogy Review (2016) can be operationalised through a language-led, knowledge-rich and practice-based curriculum, whereby the three language knowledge strands: phonics, vocabulary and grammar underpin the development of confident communication, cultural understanding and creative use of language.  

  • Aligned with the MFL Pedagogy Review are both the new subject content for GCSE French, German and Spanish and the Ofsted languages research review
  • An extensive suite of freely available classroom resources accompany our CPD, in the form of schemes of work and lesson materials for French, German and Spanish at KS2, KS3 and KS4

The National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy (NCELP) was set up in December 2018. Working in partnership with university researchers, teacher educators and expert practitioners, and Specialist Teachers in Leading Schools across the country, with the aim to improve language curriculum design and pedagogy, leading to a higher take up and greater success at GCSE.

The Centre was funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and co-directed by The University of York and The Cam Academy Trust.

What people are saying about us

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Alice Harrison Head of Department, Reddish Vale High School

“We have been thrilled to have free access to such a well-planned and structured scheme of work. The resources are so well organised and easily adaptable for our classes. It has made a big difference to our workload”

Lynne Kay Course Leader for PGCE Modern Languages, Newcastle University

“Just to also say a big thank you for all the excellent resources you have created on the NCELP Portal. Awesome!…What’s great is having the research, the underpinning principles and extensive resources all in one place”

Pippa Allenby Primary MFL Outreach Teacher for KS2, St Bede's Catholic College

“I think the KS3 SOW is inspirational! Thank you to everyone for all the resources and CPD information and videos. They are fantastic!” 

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