Hear what teachers are saying about NCELP:

“The use of NCELP has been extremely beneficial in the delivery of MFL lessons. As a maths teacher teaching Spanish as a 2nd subject I have found the resources that the HoD [who is involved in the NCELP project] has come back with to be extremely helpful.”  

Jordan Wilson, Hub school teacher, Longhill High School


“I have come back [from the residential] enthusing about all we have learnt and are doing!  Definitely benefited from some ‘ncelping’!”

Specialist Teacher, Presdales School 


“There are plenty of different sources where you can find teaching resources but there are just a few where top-quality resources for excellent teaching can be found. In my opinion, one of those top sites is the NCELP portal. I get brilliant ideas on how to help students acquire the language through a quality lesson. It makes my life easier!”

Mayte Romero Soriano, Trainee Teacher 


“We know where we are going with the methodology now and are even adapting our Yr 9 and 10 lessons and resources to use NCELP techniques, particularly with vocabulary pre-learning and minimal pairs in grammar to get the key points across.”

Teacher, Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form


“The benefits of adopting [the NCELP SOW] are a much greater consistency for us all, and better engagement by the students are they really are obliged to work things out for themselves more regularly, rather than only relying on pre-learnt phrases which they either don’t understand or can’t manipulate.”

Teacher, Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School


“We are finding students are more engaged with language as there is a finite, planned vocabulary set to introduce each week and they are able to do more with the language they have learnt.” 

Teacher, Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form


“The schools are finding that having ownership over the resource creation and partaking in the process is very rewarding.”

Specialist Teacher, Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form


“I taught KS3 Spanish phonics first and it just clicked with all of them. All of a sudden, their confidence has risen and they can attempt every word that they see. They can work out how to sound out words whereas before they were saying: “I don’t know how to say this”. It has completely changed!”

Aimee Simpson, NQT Designate, John Colet School


Our students appear more confident and secure in their language knowledgeThe vocabulary taught has also given students more independence and autonomy.” 

Teacher, Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form


“I find the project recently articulated by Emma Marsden, exciting and compelling (as an MFL teacher with 23 years’ experience teaching and leading MFL…). No doubt many others do too”

Teacher, July 2019


“The NCELP’s work has already started to help shape our subject CPD, new curriculum and pedagogy; this will certainly continue and intensify next term.  I must also mention the OASIS initiative as equally inspiring and empowering”

Teacher, July 2019


“The resources uploaded look fantastic; great CPD materials”

Teacher, June 2019


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your input yesterday. We have accepted lots of compliments on your behalf about your input! Thank you for your support during the afternoon as it was very reassuring for us. We are learning all the time …we thought there were lots of positive outcomes and genuine engagement with the programme”

Teacher, May 2019