More about NCELP

Our mission is to improve language curriculum design and pedagogy, leading to a higher take up and greater success at GCSE.

Our aims are to:

  • increase teachers’ capacity and confidence in delivering key aspects of the MFL Pedagogy Review;
  • increase the numbers of students taking a language GCSE, with a view to improving EBacc attainment;
  • improve vocabulary, phonics and grammar knowledge;
  • provide access to research-informed classroom resources that support language teaching and learning, and support the implementation of the principles of the MFL Pedagogy Review;
  • and maintain the network of specialist and hub schools.

Our main activities for the next two years are:

  • Professional development and workshops, including:
    • A series of residentials for 18 Specialist Teachers within nine Lead Schools;
    • Full day, half day and twilight CPD events;
    • Regular Teacher Research Group meetings across the nine Hubs.
  • A searchable, sustainable, and open evidence-based resource database, including:
    • structured, sequenced vocabulary lists;
    • vocabulary, grammar and phonics materials;
    • example schemes of work ensuring segmentation and sequencing;
    • activities to promote meaningful practice and use;
    • lists of recommended resources;
    • and digital games for grammar learning (appropriate for pupils in both (upper) primary and secondary school)
  • The development of a network community capable of sustaining and spreading good practice
  • Support on primary-secondary transition will be delivered in 2020. It will aim to include  resources for assessing knowledge at the end of year 6 and guidance on good transition practices. NCELP will also provide some resources relating to knowledge about English brought from the primary school.

Our activities are almost solely confined to pedagogy for the three main languages that are currently taught in most English state schools:  French, German, and Spanish. However, many of the principles and ideas underpinning the activities will be applicable to other languages.