Survey: Perceptions of Primary Languages in England

A survey has been launched for the Progression in Primary Languages project at the Institute of Education, University of Reading, aiming to explore views on the KS2 Languages Programme of Study, approaches to assessment of primary languages, and beliefs about language teaching at this level (age 7 to 11).

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A new approach to foreign language learning

A digital game developed by the University of York and the National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy (NCELP) in collaboration with the University of Reading, is helping to improve the way that children learn French, Spanish and German grammar.

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Image of Jenni Bindon

Spotlight: Jenni Bindon, Lead Practitioner MFL, Westcountry Schools Trust

From my initial encounter with the work of NCELP in October 2019, I felt this approach addressed a number of issues facing so many MFL teachers I knew and worked with, including myself. A lack of definition in the content of the curriculum and the resulting episodic learning was leading, time and time again, to inconsistent outcomes, disillusionment and demoralisation...

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