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NCELP presented at Language World, the annual conference of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) on 12 – 13 March 2021.

Follow the links below to download the presentations.

Members of ALL can access and watch the recordings until 23.59 on Monday 18 April 2021. 

Making grammar practice meaningful and effective

12 March, Nicholas Avery

In a time-limited context for learning languages, what kinds of grammar practice are likely to be most effective? We first present some principles drawn from relevant research. For example, studies have found benefits for activities that ‘trap’ a grammar feature and make form-meaning connections essential to task completion, both in the ‘input’ (reading and listening) and production (writing and speaking). We then illustrate these principles using activities from NCELP KS3 Spanish, German and French resources.

Consolidating knowledge with meaningful practice: an introduction to NCELP resources

13 March, Emma Marsden

NCELP and a network of 45 schools was funded in 2018 to draw on research to inform curriculum design, pedagogy, and assessment, and has so far developed very detailed schemes of work and full lessons resources for years 7 and 8 in French, Spanish, and German. This plenary and follow-up talk present key features of this activity, illustrating how it aims to establish reliable, core knowledge in order to promote students’ achievement, motivation, and creativity.

Language and culture: a room with a view?

13 March, Rachel Hawkes

We might say that language without culture is like a room with no window. Not desirable, but possible. But is it possible to teach language without culture? Are they not two sides of the same coin? This session offers a practical and holistic view of language and culture in classroom language teaching. All ideas come with resources in French, German and Spanish, freely available on the NCELP resource portal.

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