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NCELP Co-director, Rachel Hawkes and NCELP CPD Leader, Victoria Hobson, are presenting at the National Modern Foreign Languages Conference

National Modern Foreign Languages Conference 2022

19th October, Central London

Dr Rachel Hawkes, Co-director at NCELP and Victoria Hobson, NCELP CPD Leader, are presenting at the forthcoming National Modern Foreign Languages Conference 2022.

The conference explores the latest updates to curriculum content across KS4, the predicted impact of the changes on future exams and assessments, and how to effectively prepare learners through KS3 for this reformed approach to teaching and learning.

Through workshops and discussions, the conference explores the latest best practice methods and strategies to enhance MFL teaching provision and improve attainment for all MFL pupils, ensuring these efforts are in line with the latest Ofsted inspection framework.

Rachel is presenting a Workshop: Teaching KS3 With The New GCSE in View, exploring the implications of the new GCSE for our teaching now at KS3 (and soon at KS4), in particular; vocabulary – working with a defined content and what this means for listening, speaking, reading and writing; phonics – read aloud and dictation; speaking – unplanned interactions; and reading – inference and depth of word knowledge. Ideas are exemplified with resources in French, German and Spanish that are freely available.

Victoria will be joined by John Bald (Independent Literacy and Languages Consultant, Former Ofsted Lead Inspector, Panel Member, Review of Subject Content for GCSE Modern Foreign Languages, Department for Education) and Kim Bower (Chair in Innovation in Languages Education, Sheffield Hallam University, Past President (2020-2022), Association for Language Learning) for a Panel Discussion: Making MFL Accessible to All Pupils and Increasing Uptake Across KS4 and KS5.

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