We drive, support, and monitor the work of a national collaborative network of MFL teachers and their schools to raise the standards of language teaching through the sharing of resources and good practice.

There are 18 Specialist Teachers in nine Lead Schools, each working with four local Hub schools (45 schools in total), as well as with a wider network of a further 90 schools linked to the Hubs.

Training and Events

We will provide:

  • an extensive range of CPD activities for 45 schools within the Language Hub network;
  • a CPD event open to 10 further local schools in each of the regional hubs (due to be held in summer 2019 and summer 2020);
  • publicity for events beyond the network, if aligned to the MFL Pedagogy Review.

All our CPD is underpinned by national and international research, particularly in the areas of vocabulary, phonics, grammar, meaningful practice, corrective feedback in interaction, target language use and motivation.

Teacher Research Groups

Each Hub will have a Teacher Research Group.  We will facilitate meetings once a month to address a ‘theme of the month’, which will focus on one aspect of the MFL Pedagogy Review.

Themes in year 1 include:

  • Systematic phonics;
  • Establishing and consolidating a core vocabulary;
  • Establishing a grammar backbone: segmenting and sequencing;
  • What do pupils know about grammar after primary school;
  • Making opportunities for using grammar and automatisation;
  • Error tolerance and correction;
  • Planning target language use in the classroom.

Language Hub Network

Read more about the nine Language Hubs, including links to the schools involved.

Schools within the Language Hub Network