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We are delighted to announce that Gaming Grammar, our digital game designed to support foreign language grammar teaching and learning, is freely available to all as an App on Apple and Android devices as well as via web browser.  

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The game teaches grammar through listening and reading practice called form-meaning mapping, a research-based teaching approach that makes grammar essential for understanding meaning, in line with the MFL Pedagogy Review recommendations. Each mini-game is based on a spy mission and practises a pair of grammar features. To complete each mission successfully, the player must crack the code by learning how to understand the grammar features.

Teachers can create an account to track the performance of ‘Classes’ and monitor which ‘Lessons’ have been completed successfully.

The Gaming Grammar team, which includes researchers from the University of York and the University of Reading, will be analysing data from the game to better understand the effectiveness of this learning tool for supporting foreign language grammar learning. 

For more info, visit the Gaming Grammar web page.

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