Students in assessment

Year 7 Term 2 achievement tests

We are pleased to release updated versions of our Year 7 Term 2 achievement tests. The test is designed to assess students’ knowledge of a principled sample of phonics, vocabulary, and grammar (PVG) features. Changes have been made in line with enhancements made to the Y7 NCELP Schemes of Work prior to the start of…

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School closures – NCELP support

NCELP approaches to remote teaching and learningGiven the announcement that schools will be closed until at least mid-February/March, you might like to visit NCELP approaches to teaching and learning during COVID-19 which includes information about NCELP lessons recorded on Oak National Academy, links to our Language Guides as well as Gaming Grammar. All freely available!  Teacher Professional Development…

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NCELP is two!

Today marks the two year anniversary of the start of NCELP. In that time we have achieved: a fully open and accessible portal brimful of resources, tests, and schemes of work; hundreds of hours of professional development and presentations; suites of videoed lessons available to every child and teacher; a digital game; OASIS summaries; a lexical…

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